Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Sun Block Foundation

Rating: 5/5

I think I have mentioned in passing that I am addicted to sunblock. I am, thanks to my mom. Sun block is supposed to be good for your skin as it shields your face from the sun that can give you dark spots and early wrinkles. UVB and UVA rays are harmful and they do not always come with the sun. Even when the sun is hidden there can still be UVB rays so always protect your skin!

I have a Shiseido Sun Protection Compact Foundation SPF 34 PA+++ that was given to me by my mom. However, because when she bought this, I was not with her, it does not match my skin tone. It's a tad bit lighter than my actual skin tone. I need to not go out for months before I can use this and not look like espasol (a Filipino delicacy rolled over something like confectionary sugar). My sister has a lighter skin tone so she uses it. She is not fond of make-up but she does go to cosplays and when she does, she wears make-up. I must say though that the foundation is really nice. It will make your skin look like porcelain except that it has a matte finish. I am not into foundation that much or any tinted stuff I need to apply on my face but this one, I will not mind applying on my face, provided that it matches my skin tone of course.

If you are looking for a sun block and foundation rolled into one that will not cake even when it is hot, and will glide on smoothly on your face, this sun block is for you.

The last time I checked the price of this foundation is more than one thousand but it has been a couple of years so just check it out. If you want to save moolah, you can just buy a refill and then use a compact mirror in applying the foundation. This will save you a few more bucks.

Result: porcelain-like, matte finish and sun protection

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