Sunday, October 5, 2008

Glam Shine

Rating: 5/5

Loreal's Glam Shine really got me hooked. I have been using this ever since this came out. It won a Cosmopolitan award and rightly so because it really makes your kisser shine and sparkle. I like it when the sunlight kisses my lips, it just sparkles like a million diamonds.

This lip gloss is nice because you can do away with lipstick and it still looks really nice. Its formula is not sticky so it's perfect for kissing. :) There are varying shades but my all-time fave is the cherry sorbet 51.

Glam Shine Crystals was the next line that followed Glam Shine. This line is supposed to offer more shine and the applicator for this line is bigger so it's easier to use. However, the shade that I so love is not in this line. I tried one, but the shade is a tad bit too dark for me. I still use it occassionally but mostly it's Glam Shine for me.

This is also more affordable than the other lip glosses around.

Happy glossing!

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