Friday, November 21, 2008

Belle de Jour Planner 2009

Rating: 4/5

I know I am to post beauty products here but I have already posted on FitFlops so I thought, what the heck, I'll post about planners too! I know planners are pretty in this season. At around this time, for the past two years (I am kind of a late bloomer since I do not drink coffee :) ), I would be in a coffee shop gulping green tea latte or something that is not coffee and my then-boyfriend would be gulping down the coffee of his choice. I would be very anxious to fill up my Spark Of Hope card from Starbucks. Not this year though as I have discovered this year (What did I tell you? Late bloomer!) about the Belle de Jour planner. It is only 598 Php. I got mine for 568 Php and with free delivery as I reserved early and paid early. I also got a Mikaela card that will give me a free hair cut and treatment on my birthday! You see, I found out about this a few months into the year already when I already drank my way to a Starbucks planner! Why do I want this planner you say? There are many reasons!

I like this planner because it has so many coupons. While most require a minimum purchase and then gives you a measly 10% off (such an ingrate, I am *sheepish grin*), there are coupons that gives you Buy 1 Take 1 deals like the five coupons from Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf. What's so much better is that I like Coffee Bean, I love their leather couches *hehe!*! Now, I can get a drink and get one free, perfect for my husband and me! :D

Another thing that I like about it is that it has certain spaces for things that you just want to do during the 5-minute gaps, it has a space for the most difficult tasks you have to put out of the way during the week, it has a space for your goals be it financial, career, personal, etc. I am in no way related to those who came up with this planner but I am loving the idea. Plus, there are BDJ events that you can attend throughout the year! The planner has tips too on power dressing, accessories, shopping and more!

I highly recommend this to those who are into planners. I hear they are also available in Powerbooks outlets. Try to check it out online too for more information!

What I do not like about the planner is that the paper is not that thick and it is bound using a spring. Mine is still intact though. Also, the way the inner cover is glued is a bit lumpy but other than that, I do not have complaints. There was one typo that I have seen but not really major. If you ask me this is more sulit. They also have a charitable institution so you need not feel guilty about switching from Starbucks to this one!

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