Thursday, November 6, 2008

Spirit of Moonflower

Rating: 4/5
I do not know if you are like me but if you are, then most probably, you have this urge to dash into a store as soon as you see the sign Sale from the window of the shop and get a hold of whatever bargain deal they have. This happened to me one day when The Body Shop had a sale. There were of course so many things in the store. I discounted Body Butter because I bought the Olive Body Butter, yes, the one that comes in gooey green and that smells like a nightmare. I figured it would help my then dry swimmer's skin but to no avail. I ended up using it for my feet- but this should be another post in itself so I will reserve the rest of the story next time.

I also discounted the Olive Oil Body Mist as I still have half a bottle sitting at home.

I was tempted to get the lip and cheek stain but they have thickened the formula and increased the price. After they did this I never bought one again. I have used the original formula for four years if I am not mistaken. I have consumed so many tubes! It used to be my staple lip color - I think, once more, this should be another entry.

So finally, I got to the shower gels and bath creams. I used the Vanilla shower gel before and it smelled beautiful! I like the scent of Vanilla, it is soh sweet! I wanted to explore so I tried The Moonflower scented body and bath cream.

The Spirit of Moonflower Bath and Body Cream smells really nice. You can still be able to smell hints of it after your bath. Also it's creamier than the shower gel giving an illusion that you are moisturizing your skin. Do not get me wrong though, you should not skip moisturizing after this. Dove's Body Wash if you ask me is more creamy than this though.

The best thing about this is that this doubles as a bubble bath! It makes nice bubbles almost like those of Lush's. I have tried the bubble bath of Marks and Spencer and it was not at all impressive. I was not able to use up the entire bottle because the bubble bath they make was just so sad.

The Spirit of Moonflower Body and Bath Cream is really nice to have around when you travel. The bottle does not spill (at least I have not encountered it and I am not the most organized person in the world), it works nice with a loofah or just as a bubble bath.


Downside: It can dry your skin after a while so do not use this everyday. I only use mine on occasions when I want to smell like Moonflower. :)

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