Sunday, November 16, 2008

Mask of Magnanimity

Rating: 5/5

In my early twenties, I had this really bad Lush addiction. This was my first flirtation with the expensive things *grin*. I think it was Bo Sanchez's book, Live Simply that knocked me back to my senses only to be knocked into a world of consumerism years later.

I liked the Mask of Magnanimity because for one, it scares the hell out of people because you will look like a person from the underworld whil you have this on. *teehee!* I remember the time when my brother first saw me in the Mask of Magnanimity! He thought I was playing Jim Carrey in The Mask! The smell is not that bad do not worry, it just looks really gross but it's alright because it's worth it.

I mean for one, I did not have break outs. I also noticed the blackheads being lessened after using this. It is also very relaxing especially after the gunk has dried on your face and you are about to wash it off.

The downside of this product as any other Lush product is that the expiry date comes too soon because it does not contain preservatives.

The container is a humble ice cream-like container but the price is far from humble. This however, is one of the best products of Lush that I have tried.

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