Tuesday, November 11, 2008


I was in Trinoma last Sunday with my husband because we volunteered for the Discovery Weekend at OMI at QC. I immediately remembered that this mall houses a Res|Toe|Run shop that sells the FitFlop brand that I have long been lusting after.Mall of Asia, the mall we frequent does not have a shop that sells them yet which explains why I have not purchased a pair yet. I was actually wanting a pair of Sanuks before but now I do not like the Sanuk as I feel they do nothing for my feet.

After reading that FitFlop can tone my thighs and butt and legs, it gave me a good rationalization to get a pair! Imagine, working out while doing my normal routine. I am a teacher so I stand and walk a lot and I thought, it would be great if I can work out my thighs and buns as I go about my work. Well, I have been using it for three days now and I think it is working. Though of course in the past three days I have been to the gym twice. I have not gone to the gym for quite a while because of my busy schedule but now I have returned. Maybe the improvement in my thighs is because of the treadmill but maybe it could be because of my FitFlops too!

I am going to observe the effects on me after a month and then I will report here again. One of my students know about the FitFlop and I asked her to also observe if it works, throwing back her question at me when she asked me if they work. I just bought them and I do not want to generalize. Normally, before I post here, I want to really experience the product first but for this particular instance, I really can't wait. I am just too happy about my footwear, I practically live in them already!

So what did I get for my footwear? I got a WalkStar II which is an improvement to the original design as it has upper leather and extra padding. I got mine in white, after taking forever to choose. The people at Res|Toe|Run were very patient with me and my husband. Special thanks to my husband who really put so much thought into helping me choose the perfect FitFlop!

I considered Fringe too but I figured it was too wild to be worn in class. :)

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