Sunday, November 9, 2008

Delish Nail Enamel Remover

Rating: 5/5

Okay, last time I revealed that I went shopping at The Face Shop. I would like to reveal my latest find and I am loving it! I love their scented The Face Shop Fragrant Nail Enamel Remover. If it's not really taking out the varnish on your nails you would not think it is a nail polish remover. It has the delish smell of strawberries! I mean not the fresh ones, the candy ones. It also comes in blue but I did not bother to smell the blue on *sheepish grin*, I am a sucker for pink things! They also come in nice child proof containers and they do not spill too.

I usually do not remove my nail polish, I wait for my nails to grow enough so that the polish would have been trimmed along with my nails. This of course, looks really gross! I mean, sometimes I get them removed if there are special occasions and I let the professionals at Dashing Diva or California Nail and Day Spa to take care of them.

Why do I hate removing nail polish? I hate it because it dries out my nails. My nails are not really sensitive, in fact, I can make them grow and not have problems at all, however, I do not like the unsightly white stuff after I use acetone. I feel so guilty after. Like I did not do my nails justice.

I have long been looking for a nail polish remover that hydrates and does not damage the nails. I have read from a site that we are not supposed to use alcohol-based nail polish remover. I do not know the contents of this remover but it does not make my nails dry and they are very nice smelling. Oh and yeah, another tip, do not use the nail polish remover more than once per week. I also read this from a site. Apparently, this can damage your nails.

Happy polishing!

P.S. I got myself another hue! I will post it soon. I forgot the color code :)

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