Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Bio-Performance Shiseido

Rating: 5/5

Doesn't the name remind you of the superheroes of the eighties? Does Bioman come to mind? Very Japanese right?

When I was doing my masteral thesis, I had to stay up really late so I can work on my program I was taking MSCS at that time. I really lost a lot of sleep, it was fortunate that my mom got me a Shiseido Bio-Performance Super Eye Contour Cream. It did not completely banish my eyebags but my undereye was not very dark and well, instead of looking like a zombie who has never heard of sleep before, I just looked like a person who has not slept for a complete eight hours.

I tried using it for my eyelids and it was a very bad idea. What this does, I think, is to remove creases to remove wrinkles... so putting some on your eyelids makes your creases less visible (in short, it makes your eyes a bit puffy on the eyelids)! At least we are sure that this is effective for our wrinkles.

This is more expensive than the other products of Shiseido and I think the container alone is really expensive. The container is supposed to employ new technology that keeps moisture and other external factors away from the cream inside. Another thing I do not like very much is the fact that you do not know if there is still any left in the bottle because the container is not see through. However, we have to remember that some creams are so senstive that just being exposed to light can ruin their efficacy.

I think I was able to finish two containers and then I stopped because my mom did not buy me another bottle. A few years ago this fared for more than three thousand pesos.

I am now wondering if I should just get another bottle. I have terribly dark undereyes right now. *sigh*

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