Tuesday, November 25, 2008

My Kind of Sunblock

Rating: 5/5
Sorry, I have not been posting for the past few days because I have been very busy trying to do all the work that I can this week because I won't be around this Friday. I will be going to Boracay with my husband! *yey*

Anyway, since we will be going to Boracay and I just got back from the mall to buy two fresh bottles of Shiseido waterproof SPF50 PA+++ for the face and body, I might as well review this. This is my nth bottle. I have lost count already of the number of bottles I have consumed. I used to collect them just in case there will be promos in the future *wahaha* you know, the kind where you exchange containers for goodies, but alas, this is never to be for luxury cosmetic brands. Shiseido is midrange, I mean there are far, far more expensive brands by the way but still, it is more expensive than umm... Coppertone. I like this particular sun block because it is not sticky and not smelly. It has a distinctive smell but it's not a stinky smell... I actually like it now. This is also very effective. I mean, I love beaches and I love being under the sun and whenever I do get out into the sun, I always use Shiseido. I have never gotten sun burn and my skin does not darken as much when I use Shiseido. When I got back from my honeymoon people could not believe I actually went to the beach. :)

Since this is waterproof you can get their Sunblock Remover which I can review next time. I do not bother with the remover because... I shall reveal this in due time *hehe*.

The bottle is great because it is light, sporty in color (same color as the Shiseido waterproof SPF 50 PA+++ for the face) and best of all, it does not spill. A little goes a long way and it is not difficult to apply. This does not leave a white mask like other hideous sunblock formulae out there. I have tried other sunblocks and well, I will review them next time *hehe*! You might be wondering why I use a Shiseido sunblock for the face and another for the body. The other one is creamy while the one for the body is not as creamy, it's a bit runny actually. The creamy one is easy to apply in the face and goes on thicker. The one for the body and face is more runny so that when you apply it on the face, the danger is for this to get in your eyes, also it does not go on the face as thick as the one especially for the face. Finally, the face is more compact to carry around.

The Shiseido sunblock for the face and body SPF 50 PA+++ waterproof fetches for 2500 Php. All Shiseido outlets are giving a 10% discount to all Citibank Credit Card holders. Also, make sure you get a record because if you accumulate fifty thousand worth of purchases you can then be part of the Shiseido Circle and you can get free facials among other perks! :)

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